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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. Leadership authorization

Apart from the renter, the vehicle may only be driven by the drivers specified in the rental agreement. Additional drivers (number of 2, more upon request) have no extra charge and can therefore be listed in the rental agreement upon presentation of the driver's license and ID card.


The respective minimum age must always be observed, at least 1 year of holding a driving license. Vehicle classes: Fiat 500 or similar, Seat Ibiza or similar etc.

Vehicle classes from Hyundai Tucson or similar are excluded. This requires at least 3 years of holding a valid driving license.

For the premium classes, you must have a driving license for 6 years and be at least 26 years old.

The prerequisite is always possession of a valid driving license. The drivers are vicarious agents of the tenant.

The renter is responsible for checking the driving license required for the vehicle class, as well as ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions by the drivers named in the rental agreement.

2. Use and Limitations on Use

The renter is prohibited from using the vehicle

a) to participate in motor sports events and vehicle tests,
b) for the transport of highly flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances,
c) to commit customs and other criminal offenses,
d) for subletting,
e) for other uses that go beyond the contractual use.

When using the vehicle, the operating instructions for the vehicle and any accessories must be observed. This particularly includes constant checking of the engine oil, coolant and tire pressure. Trips outside the island are only permitted with the written permission of the landlord. When the vehicle is not in use, the steering wheel lock, sunroof, doors and trunk must be kept locked. Convertibles cannot be parked with the top open.

f) Ferry trips without the landlord’s prior approval.

3. Insurance coverage

The vehicle is insured against third-party liability up to 50 million euros (personal injuries up to 8 million euros) in accordance with the applicable general conditions.

There is also fully comprehensive insurance to cover damage to the rented vehicle caused by theft, fire or broken glass, roof, underbody and rims, with a deductible of 0 euros.

4. Maintenance and repairs

In the event of damage or if the control lamps light up, the tenant must immediately notify the landlord. The vehicle will be replaced immediately. For rentals of 28 days or more, the vehicle will be changed.

4a. pollution

Additional costs for severe contamination are 150 euros

Unauthorized smoking in the vehicle, 300 euros

5. Rental period, termination, return of the vehicle

The rental period begins at the time of rental; in the case of delivery at the request of the renter, the time at which the vehicle leaves the rental station applies. The rental day lasts 24 hours; partial rental days count as full rental days. The rental agreement ends at the time agreed in the rental agreement. Returning the vehicle earlier does not release the renter from his obligation to pay the agreed rental fee.

The tenant's right to terminate the contract without notice for good cause remains unaffected. The renter is obliged to return the vehicle at the agreed time to the rental station from which he rented the vehicle.

If the vehicle is picked up at the renter's request, the time at which the vehicle reaches the rental station is considered the time of return.

6. Fuel and tolls

The vehicle is handed over to the renter with a full tank. The renter is obliged to return the vehicle with a filled tank. If the renter violates this obligation, the lessor is entitled to fill up the vehicle at the renter's expense and to additionally charge a service fee as stated in the rental agreement. The renter must bear the costs for the fuel used. If the vehicle is not returned with a tank, the additional costs are 30 euros + filling at the current price. The tenant is also responsible for AD Blue fillings for diesel vehicles. The renter is also responsible for all road tolls and other charges that arise in connection with the use of the vehicle by the renter.

Special agreements: In the event of fines due to speed cameras, incorrect parking or similar, the costs must be borne by the tenant. There is a processing fee of 60 euros.

When we hand over the vehicle, we also point this out to every customer.

7. Behavior in the event of an accident

The tenant must notify the police immediately after an accident, fire, theft, wildlife or other damage. This also applies to self-inflicted accidents without the involvement of third parties. Opposing claims may not be recognized. The tenant must immediately provide the landlord with a detailed written report including a sketch, even in the event of minor damage. The accident report must in particular contain the names and addresses of the people involved and any witnesses as well as the official license plates of the vehicles involved

8. Liability of the landlord

The landlord and her employees are only liable for gross negligence, i.e. for intent and gross negligence. Liability for consequential damage caused by the breakdown of a vehicle is excluded in any case. The exclusion of liability does not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, body or health; in these cases the landlord is also liable for negligent breaches of duty.

9. Liability of the tenant

The tenant is liable for all damage caused by breach of contractual obligations. This applies in particular to damage,

a) caused by the cargo,
b) due to damage, contamination or destruction of the cargo caused in connection with the use of the vehicle,
c) which arise on all truck bodies and attachments due to non-observance of the clearance height or the rented truck,
d) which arise from grossly negligent or intentional neglect of the obligation to protect the vehicle against theft and unauthorized use,
e) caused by non-compliance with the permissible total weight,
f) which the vehicle suffers during the rental period, in particular due to accidents, external influences of another kind or the influence of unknown third parties, unless a known third party assumes binding liability.

The renter's liability for vehicle damage extends up to the amount of the replacement value of the vehicle before the damage occurred, any reduction in value, the appraisal costs, the towing and recovery costs, the return costs to the rental station and the loss of rent.

10. Reduction of Liability

Fully comprehensive insurance without deductible, including glass, underbody, roof, tires and rim protection. 24-hour breakdown service and replacement car in the event of a breakdown or damage, included in the rental price.


The renter and his drivers lose their rights under an agreed liability reduction if they do not fulfill their obligations, in particular if

a) the damage was caused intentionally or through gross negligence,
b) there was an inability to drive due to alcohol, drugs, medication or other causes,
c) the police were not called in immediately when damage occurred,
d) accident damage or theft damage was reported late,
e) the vehicle is owned by persons other than those named in this contract,

especially those without a valid driver's license.

11. Pre-authorized withdrawals

We expressly point out to every customer that we do not make any debits on the credit card. By concluding the contract, no consent is given to the “pre-authorized debit”.

Fees due to heavy soiling, parking tickets, filling up the tank, or other fees that are properly listed, including in the rental agreement, are borne by the respective tenant themselves.

12. Data protection clause

Renters and drivers agree that their personal data will be stored by the rental company and may be passed on for compelling reasons. ©

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